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Wizards Game 24 Blog vs. Philly Sixers: Yep, They're Still Due


Guy who is not Shaq O'Neil tweets:
In the Kazaam 2 script, the Washington Wizards are a NBDL team that still looses games.

Free Darko prediction:
"With the bar set substantially lower, greatly exceeds expectations this time around."

Mike James calls himself the last of a dying breed of point guards who just "plays" reported by Chris Miller. I have no idea what this means, even as Miller went on to bumble through an explanation.


11:30: Good god, the first offensive possession was horrible....dribbling around, unsuccessful penetration attempts, Jamison bobbled a pass off his bad thumb, and there is some sort of call, but I don't know what since Phil Chenier is babbling on about something. That stat books says "discontinue dribble violation" on Stevenson.

10:53: Butler penetration and open DeShawn of the rare glimpses of the old DeShawn. 3-2 Wizards.

10:18: Next time, Jamison hands off and D-Steve feels he needs to shoot with the defense close....nope.

9:55: Coming up the court, Stevenson gets the ball jacked from him in a heist planned by Andre Miller.....there is no hope for that guy.

Blatche 2.0? Nice drive to the basket and gets a call. 2 FTs. 6-5 Sixers.

Fire Eddie Jordan, Blatche Better, Team Still Sucks.

9:01: Blatche again...draws a 2nd quick foul on Dalembert, he must sit...1-2 FTs. 8-6 Sixers.

8:02: Blatche with a nice pass to Mike James on the break...AB helped on the steal, actually ran the break nice....down the middle with awareness. 10-8 Philly.

Mike James is balling....more points, drawing charges. The two charges of his that I remember might lead the team on the season.

6:45: OH sh*t...what the hell is going on?....James cross over penetration...misses the tear drop, but DUNK by Blatche on the follow. 12-10 Wizards.

5:10: Blatche big block on Miller layup attempt....AB goes down pretty hard, could be an ankle...but no, the guy shows new found toughness and sprints his butt down the court to help on D. I really can't believe my eyes.

4:25: D-Song Dirty: He keeps a missed Wiz FT rebound alive with one arm locked up with the defender and one going for the rock....Jamison is able to get it. This makes Songaila bleed blood.

D-Song checked in for Blatche at the 4:42 mark -- I think I would've liked to see Tapscott play Blatche more in the first (since he was hot)......but then I consider all the reports on Andray's conditioning......and the fact that Songaila has been playing well lately.......ok, good decision.

You can hear casual conversation on television the Verizon is so quiet. Jon L says: By the looks of it, I'd use the word "group" before "crowd."

The alarm clock goes off and people start to rub their eyes as Butler hits a three with a second left.

The first quarter just kinds ends, Wizards up 28-27. I suppose it's good that the Wizards are up, but there's just a mundane feel to the flow of the game.

As Andre Miller misses a long attempt at the buzzer, Phil Chenier says, "Juuuuuuust a bit outside." Well, during a previous game, I'd hoped that Steve Buckhantz would start getting tanked during games like Bob Uecker in Major League......but maybe it's Phil Chenier who will step up and fill this role.


Nick Young, McGee, Songaila, Dixon, and Butler in the start the 2nd....I like this lineup...potentially.

10:24: Dixon 2.2 has been released, you know, more like his 2.0 after the brief downgrade to 2.1. Nails a trey..points. 35-29 Wizards.

Buck and Phil can't stop talking about the Elton Brand injury.....Buck then makes some sounds at the sight of the fall that might be fitting for this Adam Sandler skit.

8:46: Sweet Lou Williams is being......well, sweet. 16 points in 6 minutes. - He's scored 10 straight for Philly to start the 2nd quarter. 38-37 Wizards.

8:26: Poor Juan Dixon....."That didn't turn out very well for Washington." says Steve Buck......Dixon got dunked on hard by Speights.....and I mean ON....I think he's picking pubes out of his teeth going into the timeout....and there was a foul.

I can't wait until McGee gets order for him to be more ready for the passes Caron Butler is trying to throw at him, he needs to take up more space......he's just getting pushed around too much.

And isn't McGee supposed to be a shooter taught by mom, Pamela? How about making those FTs buddy?

It could be me, but the tediousness of this game seems to be affected by the blown whistles.

6:07: Something has happened to the Wiz defense as Philly gets a couple quick and easies to take a 44-41 lead. Timeout Tapscott.

5:48: Nick Young goes hard to the rim and dunks something nasty on the Sixers.....please keep that aggressiveness MUST fulfill the prophecy.

4:54: Young in the paint again....7 points in 7 minutes. 47-45 Sixers.

Evidently, Tapscott has discussed some sort of two dribble limit with Nick.....sounds like a good coaching move to me.

This game reminds me of this Family Guy clip. "I'd me more apathetic if I weren't so lethargic."

2:13: Nick Young is on some sort of a roll...I believe some might refer to him as butter. 12 points, 5-6 in 10 minutes. Wizards up 53-51 after a Mike James three.

Tap gets Crittenton in with 30 seconds left in the half....uhh, okay?

The half ends in a positive manner for the Wiz...sure Nick Young missed a shot at the buzzer, but most everyone on the team played well, the ball moved nicely, overall.....but it's only one half. Wizards up 57-56.


Jamison is a can always count on that....he's hustling on the boards.

9:24: Stevenson cut his hair again.......just really short all over. In other news, Philly is playing good D, but Jamison is somehow able to drive and kick to DeShawn for trey. 67-63 Wizards.

Butler makes nice drive and hits a lefty layup.....don't see that too often. Caron has 18, 69-63 Wiz.

8:09: Nice start to the 3rd...for a change. Offense intent on driving and movement allows the Wiz to push the lead to 8, 73-65....Philly's hot 59% shooting can't continue the whole game, can it?

Comcast is good at putting the camera on fans for an abnormally long time leading to documented uncomfortableness.

6:27: There it is....the required bad DeShawn Stevenson fading pull up miss.

5:30: Caron Butler comes through with the vaunted turnover-blocking foul combo.....yea, I always thought that was overrated too. Sixers back within 2 points. 75-73 Wiz.

3:08: FINALLY!! Wizards offense...Mike James nails a three to tie the game at 78.

Well, the 3rd ends and the Wizards pick it up behind Jamison and the lineup of Mike James.....they hold the two point 86-84 lead heading into the 4th.


James, McGee, Songaila, Stevenson and Butler to start 4th.

10:05: Mike James nails his 4th three pointer of the game......I wonder if people are still really, really mad about him. I give it to the guy, he does a little bit of everything.....moves the ball, take charges, scores points, gets loose balls, drives, rebounds.....

6:56: Ehh...the Wizards offense is unimpressive, Philly D is decent, and DC continues to turn the ball over with bad passes. Philly has now taken a 95-93 we go again....getting outscored 23-7 in transition points.

6:27: ANOTHER TURNOVER!!! bad pass by Caron can tell that this Wizards team is lacking mental strength. 5 turnovers on 11 (or so) possessions in the 4th. Butler has 5 turnovers on his own.

4:30: Turnover #6 for the quarter...This one on AJ....STOP WEAK PASSES!

4:04: Andray is scoring points in bunches....hanging out near the rim and making himself available for passes. 13 points for 'Dray, 99-99 tie.

3:15: Another turnover....Caron Butler....the ball gets knocked away from him and he steps on the out of bounds line.

Philly has gotten 10 points off the seven Wiz turnovers in the Steve Buck reports.

2:34: Typical occurrence....."Stevenson with the long jumper...way short." -Steve Buck.

Under two minutes left, down 103-101, the look Andray Blatche missed jumper....not ideal considering the situation.

1:11: More bad offense....Caron allows himself to get trapped in the corner.....must pass it to DeShawn Stevenson....missed shot. I have absolutely no hope for any shot that Stevenson takes......him being on the court just doesn't leave me with a good feeling. Need offense? Got Nick Young?

Wiz play good D.....but Philly does get a layup chance...miss....offensive goal tending on Thaddeus Young (or Igoudala).

Wizards ball, down 2, 46 seconds left.....VERY quiet crowd....

Mike James drive......pass to Blatche.....good pump fake and dribble for an open look.....short on the shot......continued inconsistent shooting fundamentals from Andray.

0:16: Igoudala FTs - 105-101 Philly.

0:13: Jamison quick scoop runner to the hoop.......Thaddeus Young makes both FTs - 107-103 Philly.

Wes Unseld Jr. draws up a long and contested Caron Butler three point miss.....and we can put this one in the books.

Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz discuss some sort of rebounding advantage silver lining....I guess the Wizards "won" that 43-34 -- "Yay."

Buckhantz then blunders out the tongue twister: "Ed Tapsquat's Squad"

Yep, and another one.....

Final: Sixers 109 - Wizards 103 [ box]