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Open thread: Regular season game 21 vs. Philadelphia 76ers


Game's at 7:30. I'm still in Finals, so maybe I get this on delay.

Interesting that Philly fired Maurice Cheeks today. There's lots of chatter about Eddie Jordan replacing him eventually, which I find interesting. Eddie's a decent fit, but is he a perfect fit? He will certainly improve their offense, and their defense is already pretty good, but do those players really fit into the Princeton? Does Elton Brand? How will Eddie get more out of Samuel Dalembert than Cheeks did? Also, I'd think Eddie might not play young guys like Lou Williams, Marreese Speights and even Thaddeus Young as much as they deserve.

But again, we'll see. As talented as Philly is (and they are hella tallented), that roster is definitely a bit unbalanced. Hiring Eddie Jordan can't be the only solution for them, the way I see it. Still, Eddie's a better coach than Cheeks. That's for sure.