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Channeling my inner Larry Brown

We all stink.  Everyone. 

Eddie Jordan played all the right guys at all the right spots.  Juan and Nick got most of the guard minutes.  JaVale got most of the center minutes.  Blatche got time until he sucked and was pulled.  And yet, there was Chris Duhon looking like Steve Nash, Zach Randolph looking like Amare Stoudamire and Jamal Crawford looking like the second coming of Kobe Bryant.

I'm so thoroughly disgusted right now.  We're 0-4, with losses to the Nets, Bucks and Knicks, two of which came at home!  I know there's no Brendan Haywood and Gilbert Arenas, but we can't be this bad.  When it mattered most, New York was composed and found the guys they wanted, while we rushed everything, playing at their pace offensively, jacking the first shot we saw.  Defensively, they ran the simplest plays and we were powerless to do anything. 

All the athletic plays in the world by JaVale McGee mean nothing as far as positives in this game.  Maybe by game 30, I'll be okay with us sucking.  But not now.  Right now, I'm thoroughly mad.