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This is a joke, right?

EDIT: The lack of a game thread was my fault.  I forgot I had to do some broadcasts for Brandeis games. -PM.

First of all, sorry about not having a game thread tonight, I guess there was some kind of miscommunication on that, which I'm pretty sure was my fault.  I was at the G!O!T!N! tonight (hence, why I'm pretty sure it was my fault) so I didn't get a chance to see the start of the Ed Tapscott era tonight, but I'm pretty sure that there's some kind of mass conspiracy going on, because there's no way that these numbers right.

Did Andray really have 25 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 blocks tonight?

Did Caron Butler really score 35 points?

Did we actually hold a team to 30% from behind the arc?

Did Andray play for almost 30 minutes and only have 1 turnover?

Did we outscore the Warriors in every quarter of the game?

Did Dee Brown, who had scored all of nine points this season, score in double digits tonight?!?

If even one of these things is true, I'll be estatic.  But I'm pretty sure that you all are trying to pull a fast one on me.