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A lot of little things

You all have probably noticed that my output of posts is slightly down from normal since the beginning of the season.  I want to assure everyone that it's not because I'm jumping off the wagon when things are tough with the team.  Nor is it because I'm too depressed about this club to blog.  I've just been crazy busy at school since the year started and really haven't had as much time as in years past.  I'm hoping that will change soon, but even if it doesn't, Jake and Truth have stepped in and our comments section is buzzing.  

Anyway, I've had several ideas for posts that I wanted to make when I had a long block of time to really crank out some words.  Here they are, in one to two sentences.

  • How Andray Blatche's astronomical usage rate is obscuring the stuff he is doing in the energy/effort/rebounding/defense departments.  Essentially, he's doing all we want on the effort side, but is producing absolutely nothing because he insists on chucking up so many bad shots.
  • Frontcourt rotation: Tether Etan to the bench, start JaVale, play Blatche as the backup center instead of the backup power forward and move Darius Songaila into the backup 4 spot, where his limiations can be more easily masked. Our offense often needs Songaila to succeed.  Those who think I hate the dude will probably enjoy this one.
  • Criticizing Ernie Grunfeld's bad habit of long mid-level contracts to middling players ... again
  • Spreading blame for our bad defense.  Why it's Eddie's fault, Ernie's fault, the players' fault and even Ayers' fault.
  • Why I'm not too worried about Caron's shooting struggles.  Reason being, he's driving to the basket much more and will have more open space when Arenas comes back.
  • Why many of our problems can be traced to Antawn Jamison's terrible start.  This, of course, would explain why I don't really care about what the dude says to reporters.
  • Exploring ways to dump our deadweight contracts that extend past 2010.  That means Songaila and even DeShawn Stevenson.  
  • Why we need to play at a slower pace.

Again, just ideas, but figured I'd let you all know what's spinning inside my head when I think about this team.