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JaVale McGee vs. Greg Oden: Let The Debate Begin

During last night's game blog, I had a notion:

Is anyone else having the notion that you'd rather have JaVale McGee over Greg Oden? The fact that Oden is so injury prone seals the deal for me.

Today, Ivan Carter had a similar notion on Wizards Insider.

Since we recently had a visit from the Blazers Edge Community, I decided to take a stroll over there to gauge their early opinion on the debate (knowing full well that the JaVale McGee coming out party is localized to DC and has not occurred on the national stage as of yet).

Blazers Edge: Visit from Bullets Forever/Truth About It

So far, some of the responses go like this:

  • lol uhoh
  • this is cute
  • congrats - this is a funny post
  • Your not supposed to DRINK the stuff stored under the sink

Oh....and I'm 75% crazy or insane.

These answers are to be expected. They are biased, we are biased....and there must be a sense of protectionism because a #1 overall pick was invested in Oden (not to mention that most Blazers fans don't know who the hell JaVale McGee is.....yet).

So Bullets Forever Community, what say you? (the poll options here are slightly different from those at Blazers Edge)