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Latest on Brendan Haywood from Comcast's Chris Miller

About 15 minutes ago, Comcast's Chris Miller reported that he just got off the phone with Brendan Haywood. He said that BTH seemed in good spirits, and is still set to see a hand/wrist specialist in New York tomorrow, but at this point, if surgery is the consensus, then he will go ahead and get it right away. Haywood would rather not wait, deal with it later, possibly going into the summer and into next season, which is a contract year for him.

Miller seems to be under the impression that right now, Haywood is intent that surgery will be necessary and that his time out would fall under the latter part of the four to six month diagnosis, and thus, BTH would most likely miss the entire 2008-2009 season. Miller also reports that Ernie Grunfeld is cautious, as would be expected, and won't really comment until that second opinion is in.

Basically, we should expect the worst. I'm trying to remain positive...and hopefully Jamison will be okay with his sprained or strained knee. But the theme seems to be (once again, the impression I got from Miller's reporting) that since Gilbert is already out, ultimate hopes of being a title contender are unattainable. No one is using that "mail it in" phrase...far from it....but let's be honest, the thought has crossed everyone's mind in some way or form.

Again, with both Haywood and Jamison, I'll stress that as of 11:17 pm, it's a "wait and see" situation. But then again, we're Bullets fans, we've been waiting and seeing and keeping our fingers crossed for as long as I care to remember.