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Sports are funny sometimes, by which I mean all of the time

If you don't believe the above statement, just think about some of what's happened so far this year.

  • The Boston Celtics went from the second worst team in the league to NBA Champions in one year.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays could possibly go from being the worst team in Major League Baseball to the best team in Major League Baseball.
  • Eli Manning won a Super Bowl.
  • The Capitals, who were the worst team in the NHL 21 games into the season, ended up winning their division.
  • Jim Zorn has gone from the Seahawks quarterbacks coach to Redskins offensive coordinator to Redskins head coach to "This guy can't coach at all!" to "Jim Zorn: Coach of the Year" in the span of about nine months.
  • In the NFL, your current division leaders are the Bills, Steelers, Titans, Broncos, Giants, Bears, Panthers, and Cardinals.  Only one of those teams won their division last season.

It's just been sheer craziness in 2008.  It's the kind of stuff that if I'd told you it a year ago, you would've said "Ha! The next thing you know pigs will fly, dogs will clean their own messes, and dorky bloggers will be helping write previews for sports magazine web sites."  But that's exactly what has happened this year.

So why do I bring all of this up?  Well, as the season gets ready to start up, there's all sorts of talk about how the Wizards won't survive in a tougher Eastern Conference sans Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood and maybe they're right.  But as this year has shown, crazy things happen all the time, maybe some of that luck will head our way this season.

If that doesn't make you feel a little better about the upcoming season, just keep in mind that we don't have big expectations to live up to this year either.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a team live up to low expectations than be crushed by a team that can't live up to high expectations.  After going through two years of this...

I think you'd agree with me.