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By the numbers: The preseason to date

Sure, there might not be a whole lot of correlation between the preseason and the regular season: The rotations will be different, we won't be playing in Europe, and the teams will actually care about winning.  That said, it's still fun to look at the numbers to see if any red flags pop up for the regular season.  Plus, it's fun to see players lead in statistical categories that they'd never lead in during the regular season.

78.6 - Average points per game scored by the Wizards.  Not only is that the lowest team average in the league so far this preseason, it's the lowest average in the league by 6.6. points.

91.8 - Average points per game scored by Wizard opponents.  That means that the average winning margin has been 13.2 points.

37.1% - The Wizards FG% so far this preseason.  Like their points per game average, it's the lowest in the NBA this preseason, but only by .4% over Charlotte.

26.1% - 3P% allowed by the Wizards.  See?  It hasn't all been bad.

1 - Number of Wizards that have started every game this preseason.  DeShawn Stevenson just doesn't miss games.

10.8 - Average points per game by the Wizards' leading scorer, Andray Blatche.  Even though he has the highest scoring average, he's only shooting 33.8% from the field.

6.4 - Number of rebounds snagged by Dominic McGuire per game this preseason, leading the team.  Who's second on the team in rebounding?  That other small forward guy, Caron Butler who's averaging 5 a game.  EDIT: As rook pointed out, Oleksiy Pecherov is also averaging 5 a game.

46.2% - Oleksiy Pecherov's shooting percentage from downtown.  Makes you wonder how his overall FG% (35.3%) could be so low.

12 - Number of steals by Dee Brown in the first five games of the preseason, while averaging 24.8 minutes per game.

1.8 - Blocks per game by rookie JaVale McGee, who's only averaging 18 minutes per game.  For you math scholars out there, that works out to 3.6 blocks per 36 minutes, or about the same per-36 average that Marcus Camby had last season.

But again, this is just the preseason.  There's been some good and there's been some bad so far, but this isn't the time to overreact  to anything that's happened up to this point.  The key right now is to work on what needs to be worked on and not get swelled heads over what's being done well.  Stay medium, folks.