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Haiku time people!/Let's make poems for Wizards/Did someone say lame?

In the last few months, we've looked at the upcoming season from several different angles.  One angle we hadn't explored is the three line Japanese poem angle.  Thankfully, that angle will not stay neglected any longer.

Gilbert Arenas
It's not very fun
Starting the year on the shelf
Please get healthy soon

Andray Blatche
The potential? Amazing.
The work ethic? Um...

Dee Brown
Faster than lightning
Lots of Chicago toughness
Can he shoot the ball?

Caron Butler
If he stays healthy
He can be unstoppable
Don't mess with Tough Juice

Antonio Daniels
Hits the floor real hard
Let's hope his body can deal
If not, we're done

Juan Dixon
College days were fun
Fighting to stay in the league
Gilbert said he's good

Brendan Haywood
Rock of the defense
Hurt his wrist, out for some time
Not good for business

Antawn Jamison
Captain, my captain
Floats his shots, picks up rebounds
Practices yoga

DerMarr Johnson
Fighting for a spot
The unguaranteed contract
Does not help his case

Linton Johnson
Journeyman player
Probably won't stick it here
But I wish him well

JaVale McGee
Very rare skill set
Better than I thought he'd be
The future is bright

Dominic McGuire
The blog favorite
Needs to step it up this year
Or Caron will tire

Oleksiy Pecherov


(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Master of fashion
Looks good in any clothing
Get those buckets, son

Darius Songaila
Vanilla Thunder!
He lacks athleticism
But he knows the game

DeShawn Stevenson
Perimeter D
At his best when hitting threes
Has some great wristbands

Etan Thomas
Back from surgery
Better at haikus than me
Voting Obama*

Nick Young
Posterized LeBron
Must develop rest of game
Monumental Air

* - Well, I don't know that he's voting for Obama, but if you know anything about Etan's political views, then you know why I'm willing to assume that he's voting for Obama.  Speaking of Etan, make sure you check out Aldo's caption to this photo.