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DerMarr vs. Juan: The 15th roster spot smackdown

There's been lots of talk on here about the 15th roster spot, which I understand.  Whoever wins it isn't going to do much in the regular season, but it's preseason and, save for injuries, there isn't much to discuss.  I figured I'd use this thread to put that entire discussion into one place. 

It's entirely possible that this isn't a battle in the first place.  As several of you have pointed out, Ivan Carter is saying Dixon's roster spot "is all but guaranteed." (As a sidenote, if I was Ivan's editor, I would have never printed that line without attribution.  Who is saying Juan's spot is guaranteed?).  I'm kind of dubious, just because DerMarr is getting almost 20 minutes a game this preseason (five more than Linton Johnson), while Dee Brown is getting almost 25.  DerMarr is sixth on the team in preseason minutes, behind Brown and rotation mainstays Andray Blatche, Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson and Antonio Daniels.  Why give DerMarr so many minutes if you knew he wasn't going to make the team?

So, without further ado, the smackdown.  This one will be serious, as I'm sure Jake can come up with a funny version.




Height/Weight 6'3'', 164 6'9'', 201 DerMarr
Best season


  • 17.3 pts/36
  • 15.2 PER
  • 51.8 TS%
  • 18.4 Ast%
  • 106 ORtg
  • 109 DRtg


  • 14.7 Pts/36
  • 14.0 PER
  • 60.5 TS%
  • 10.0 REB%
  • 113 ORtg
  • 106 DRth
Top role

Sixth man on a 2nd-round playoff team

Part-time starter on a 49-win playoff team DerMarr
Recently... Traded around a lot, but continued to stick on NBA rosters Demoted to the D-League Juan
Position need Would swing between PG and SG, competing with Dee Brown and Nick Young for backup positions Would swing between SG and SF, competing with Dominic McGuire for backup position DerMarr
Shooting Career 50.1 TS%, though can create his own shot better Career 51.3 TS%...awful in Atlanta, pretty good in Denver, though the 60.5% 2004/05 mark is an outlier DerMarr
Passing Not a pure point, but posted really strong AST% in Detroit Never has posted an AST% over 10 in his career Juan
Defense Pesky, but gambles a lot Has the tools, but hasn't always devoted himself Push
Coachability Knows the system, always a good practice player Reportedly has clashed with his coaches.  Doesn't always put forth best effort Juan
Salary Partially guaranteed
Completely unguaranteed
Juan (because the Wiz will have to eat some money if they cut him)
Preseason Hasn't played Averaging 7.7 points and 2 rebounds per game on 33% shooting, but was very good against New Orleans DerMarr

Decide what you will, but I'm personally leaning towards DerMarr. He brings a more diverse skill set to the table, as Nick Young and Dee Brown do most of the things Dixon does. I do worry a bit about DerMarr's attitude, but he seems to be fine so far. I like how he doesn't use possessions and that he has at least demonstrated he can be pretty efficient with his scoring.