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Don't do it, Antawn


Lm Otero/Associated Press

Dear Mr. Jamison,

Listen, I appreciate your willingness to work hard to recover from your knee injury against the Mavericks.  In a preseason that has been dominated by bad injury news, it's really nice to know that you've actually recovered quicker than expected.  And I also like that you came on the Europe trip despite being injured, because it's a good team-bonding experience and you are a leader of this team.

But please, please please, don't rush back just so you can play in the last two preseason games.  With the Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood injuries, we need you healthy during games that count if we want to be remotely competitive this season.  (Of course, if we want to throw the season to get a better draft pick and try again next year, that's another story).  I'm excited about Andray Blatche's development, and it's my hope that he eventually gets good enough to take over your job, but he's a long way from that point right now and I want him to earn the job instead of being handed it because you got hurt.  

Anyway, you're a veteran that knows how to prepare yourself.  You don't need to play in preseason games to be ready for this season. You know the offense, you are getting better at understanding the defense and you don't need to develop chemistry with your teammates because the key ones were also here last year.  You also have plenty of wear and tear on your body from your 10-year NBA career and we did just sign you to a four-year contract.  

So, if you're totally healthy and will only play a few minutes, then come back and play Friday.  If you're still remotely in pain, though, just sit out.  We need you on October 29 and beyond.