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Confessions of a Wizards blogger

The latest rash of injuries has gotten me thinking about what we can do in the future to prevent this from happening.  The only logical conclustion that I can come to is that somehow we've offended the basketball gods and the only way to resolve the issue is for me to own up to what I've done wrong and hope it's the path to a healthier future.

  • The only reason I called Andray Blatche "The Mongoose" in this post was in the hope that if anyone ever googled "Andray Blatche Mongoose" Bullets Forever would be the first site to pop up.  It worked, but it was an abuse of power, and that's wrong.
  • For a fleeting moment, I thought being a Magic fan would be way cooler than being a Wizards fan.  Then I realized what I was really thinking was that it would be way cooler to live in Orlando than Washington.
  • I use bullet points like this a lot because I'm lazy and hate doing little things like paragraph transitions.
  • Last year, I didn't have cable so I watched Wizards games online using streaming feeds of varying legality and language.  Thankfully, I've got cable this year, so I should have a better idea of what's going on this season.  But, if Buck and Phil start talking in Chinese, I'll still have a vague idea of what's going on.
  • Times that I've blamed our string of injuries on my first post being about a bone healing machine: 70,000 and counting.
  • Contrary to popular opinion (and what I may have said in the past), in his hit single, Southside, when The Game says the line "Tha man Jake the Snake" he's not referring to me.
  • If it weren't for Dan Steinberg and Gilbert Arenas, I probably would've quit blogging a long time ago.
  • I honestly thought LeBron should've been MVP last year.
  • If someone gave me the option of free pizza or free Wizards tickets, I'd probably take the pizza.  That's not a slight against the Verizon Center game experience, that's just being a college student.