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Training camp link dump

I didn't really do any of these in the offseason, but with training camp underway, there's a lot of information out there that should be passed along.  Without further ado:

  • Might as well start off with Dave Johnson's live-blogs from camp.  Here's today's morning blog, which is the only one of the day since the evening practice was cancelled.  Dave's quite the optimist, but he's a great guy and his optimism is shared by a lot of people that aren't working for the official Wizards website.  As a few here can attest, he's also really attentive to reader questions.
  • Tom Knott actually does some reporting and it makes his column on Caron Butler that much stronger.  Love the title, love the concept and love that he has Butler, Butler's coach and Butler's GM all quoted.  A snippet

Caron Butler is the working man's All-Star who has retained his sense of perspective and commitment, who does not succumb to the cliches of the NBA.

He is not worried about whose team it is. He is not worried about who is taking the highest number of shots. He is not worried about developing a catchy public persona.

Butler is comfortable with who he is, with where he is, with how he has evolved in his three previous seasons with the Wizards.

"The positive rap?" asked Caron Butler with a big smile on his face. "The League," "The School," all that? Yeah, I heard it. Stick to basketball, man."

Drop anything else you see in the comments.