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Who wants to Scoobie-Doo Mutombo?

Wizards Insider has a great piece up about Dikembe Mutombo's final visit to the Verizon Center.  Inside you'll find this quote about his last "block" in D.C. on DeShawn Stevenson:

"He tried to scoobie-doo me, but my hand was too long, I caught him. I said, 'No, no, young man.' "
If you want to speculate on how one does a scoobie doo, or if you want to provide evidence of Mutombo being scoobie doo-ed, head over to the comments.  As for some other links worth mentioning...

First, I finally got around to talking about whether or not Gilbert is coming back this year at the place you would expect me to talk about such things at.  Also, if you have some time make sure to check out the discussions page at  Ivan Carter and Michael Lee will be doing their thing as always and Dan Steinberg is going to be chatting as well, should be fun for the whole family!

(Whatever you do, don't go here.  I warned you.)