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BF #8: Bobby Dandridge

(After a 3.5 month wait, I think it's safe to guess that the Bobby Dandridge write up isn't coming, so I'm taking this into my own hands.  Jeff Malone is next up.  -Jake)

Of all the things that Bobby Dandridge accomplished in his career, he'll most be remembered for being a key part of the 1978 team that won the franchise's only championship.  For this reason, Dandridge will always be connected to the history of the Bullets franchise, but he's also is connected to the Wizards of present.  With just eight degreees of separation, I can connect Bobby Dandridge to every player on the Wizards roster:

  1. In his final season, Bobby Dandridge played with Sidney Moncrief on the Milwaukee Bucks.
  2. In 1987, his last season as an All-Star, Moncrief played alongside rookie Scott Skiles (former coach of the Bulls).
  3. In Skiles' last season as a member of the Orlando Magic, he played with Larry Krystowiak (who is currently the Bucks' coach).
  4. The next season, Krystowiak played in Chicago playing under the shadow of Scottie Pippen (who wants to coach the Bulls).
  5. Then, in his final season (during which he was coached by Scott Skiles) Pippen played with Jamal Crawford.
  6. Jamal Crawford currently plays alongside Jared Jeffries on the New York Knicks.
  7. Jared Jeffries played on the Wizards with Gilbert Arenas (among others).
  8. Gilbert Arenas plays with everyone that's currently on the Wizards, so now you know that Bobby Dandridge is in fact connected to every Wizard on this year's team, including Antawn Jamison with whom he bears a striking resemblance: