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That'll hurt the ol' point differential: Part 2

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"Highest" plus/minus: Antawn Jamison (-10).
Lowest plus/minus: Andray Blatche, Roger Mason, and Nick Young (-26).

I hate blowouts, I really do.  As a fan, they're no fun to watch, and it's natural to get really pissed off at every little thing that goes wrong.  So, understandably, I was annoyed as soon as this game was over, and I remember thinking to myself "Good teams don't do this."

But then, I remembered that, without Butler or Arenas, this is a pretty bad team.  It's the same team we saw in the playoffs last year, except with a couple new rookies replacing established sucky veterans.  We shouldn't be competing with Toronto on their home court with the cast we had out there tonight, and it was gravy that we even won the night before.  

So yeah, this result sucked, but it's not so bad.  I'm sure this'll come across like I'm making excuses, but I don't think there's anything concerning to take away from tonight, even though it was such a bad result.