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Is Chris Bosh a Crip?

Yesterday TruthAboutIt pointed out in the comments that on Andray Blatche's Wikipedia page it says that he's a member of the Bloods.  Obviously, there's no way to really know if he's a member, but the way I see it there's three possibilities at play here:

A. Andray actually is a member of The Bloods.  (Highly unlikely)
B. It's just someone pranking on his Wikipedia page.  (Likely)
C. Andray tells people that he's in The Bloods but he really isn't.  (EXTREMELY likely)

While you're debating which one of those categories this situation falls under, consider that if Andray is in fact a Blood, then Chris Bosh has to be a Crip:

(Via DC Pro Sports Report)

Also, while you're debating that make sure to speculate how long it is until we see another one of these pages pop up on YTMND.