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No Your Links: 1/28/08

  • Pick Axe and Roll, SB Nation's new Denver Nuggets Blog, is hosting the latest edition of the Blogger MVP/Roy Rankings.  Caron just missed out on making the top 10 in this go around.
  • It's looking more and more likely that Chris Webber will be a Wizard next season.  I say this because it looks like he's getting ready to reunite with Don Nelson in Golden State.
  • If you haven't noticed, the Washington Times has a new beat writer for the Wizards.  Who?  Mike Jones! (Massive groaning)  It looks like Mike is Outlet more than his predecessor, so you might want to keep an eye out on that.
  • Sam Smith suggests a Brand for Arenas trade, making Brand the 250th player to be suggested by Smith in a trade for Arenas.  In honor of being number 250, Brand will receive a $25 gift certificate to Sizzler.  As you could expect, Prada isn't a fan of the idea.
  • Gilbert blogs again, he says "[Nick Young's] raw talent is very polished."  If Nick's raw stuff is polished, I'd hate to see how polished his polished talent is.
  • Brahsome is livid over Nick Young being kept out of the dunk contest.  Mister Irrelevant is a little more understanding, they also really liked the dunk on LeBron.
  • Caron Butler: UConn's finest.
  • Andray Blatche: Syracuse's finest.
  • Just as an added thought, trading for Elton Brand would've been a much better idea seven years ago when they could've got him for this guy.