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Recap thread: Memphis

I didn't see it, listen to it, or do anything of the sort.  I'm also not able to post today, so I can't really go back and look at the relevant links.  

So for those who wish to discuss, here's your postgame thread.

(Here's some bonus material, since Jake wasn't attacked by Cloverfield today.)

Box Score
Game Flow
Post Recap
Times Recap
Live Blog
Nice Piece on Butler & Jamison

Highest Plus/Minus: DeShawn Stevenson (+20)
Lowest Plus/Minus: Antonio Daniels (-1)

Let's keep this simple (since I didn't get a chance to see this game either): The Wizards won because they played one less quarter of bad basketball than the Grizzlies did. The effort last night probably would've netted an L against most teams so let's hope the little slump that Washington's gotten into the last few games is just a minor thing and not of a big slide heading towards the All-Star Game.