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The BF Curse

After the game on Wednesday I've finally become convince that one of two things are happening:

  1. Bullets Forever is subconsciously cursing the Brendan Haywood by complementing them.
  2. Brendan Haywood reads Bullets Forever.
Maybe you think I'm crazy (probably a given), but before you dismiss this as another one of my crazy ideas, consider the evidence that I'm about to present.

November 4:  Ben Q. Rock and yours truly laud Brendan's performance against Dwight Howard and the Magic.
In the next game: Brendan backs his performance up with a 2 points and 3 rebounds against New Jersey.

November 29: BF user mamemimo compliments Brendan's scoring against Tim Duncan.
In the next game: Brendan goes off 2 points and 3 rebounds against the very Tim Duncan-like Rasho Nesterovic.

January 10: Pradamaster makes the case that Brendan Haywood is the second best center in the East.
In the next game: Brendan has a stellar nine point, 4 rebound performance, then again the Wizards did win.

Wednesday: Pradamaster cites Brendan Haywood's improved play as one of the key reasons for the Wizards improved defense this season.
In the next game: Zydrunas Ilgauskas didn't miss a shot from the field as he led the team with 24 points.  Brendan and the rest of the Wizards have their worst defensive performance of the season.

It seems to me like whenever someone compliments Haywood it gets to his head (whether it be through some curse or Brendan actually reading the blog) and as a result, he doesn't play as well.  Now I can't personally stop you from complimenting the notorious BTH, but I'm warning you that you do so at your own risk.