What if Gibert walks?

Ok, I know we're all feeling good about the Wiz right now, but I was thinking... what if the worst happens, and Gil leaves the Wizards as a free agent? What should our contingency plan be?

Remember, losing Gil does mean freeing up a lot of cap room - I think he's getting paid around $13 million this year.

My suggestion:
Resign Antawn Jamison. Ok, this is a gimme. Antawn has more than proved his worth this year, and he's coming off a max deal, so signing him for something like $8-10 a year works. With the money freed up from losing Gil, there is NO reason not to keep him. I'd try to sign him to one of those Ben Wallace-style front loaded contracts too, so he doesn't kill our cap if he breaks down when he gets older.

Sign Jose Calderon. He'll be in demand, but Toronto has money locked up in T.J. Ford, so we should be able to pry him away, even though he's a restricted free agent. He's only 26, he's effecient as hell and he'd be perfect in an up-tempo offense with two great scorers like Caron and Antawn.

What do you guys think? What would you do?

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