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Sunday Open Discussion

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Over the last few weeks, I've gotten into the flow of either having a recap from a Saturday game or a game thread for a Sunday game that needed to be done for Sunday.  With neither of those necessary for today, I figured today would be a good day to bring out the time honored open discussion thread.  Here are some questions to get started, but as always, feel free diverge from the topic if needed:

  1. Gilbert Arenas told Mike Wise after the Wizards-Knicks game that he was thinking about coming off the bench when he returns.  Good idea or bad idea?  Here's Ivan's thoughts.
  2. I went to Borders a few weeks back and bought Mitchell Krugel's book One Last Shot about MJ's comeback with the Wizards.  Has anyone else ready it?  What are your thoughts?  I've only gotten through the first few chapters, which seem to be focused more on his Chicago days but hopefully it picks up soon.  Just remember, there's no fear of spoiling the ending when you discuss the book.
  3. Fill in the blank Part 1: Maryland's upset of UNC was...
  4. Fill in the blank Part 2: Deron Washington's dunk was...
  5. Since we're talking about college basketball, I suppose we might as well talk about the draft a little.  What type of player do you think the Wizards should look to get with their pick, and who do you think fits the billing?  If you're trying to get a feel for some of the prospects out there, check out DC Pro Sports Report's Mock Draft Database.
  6. In case you didn't hear, there's a couple of football games on today.  Who ya got?