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Highest plus/minus: Oleksiy Pecherov (+6)
Lowest plus/minus: Nick Young (-14)

Some of you are getting hysterical over this result, which I can understand, considering we're talking about the freaking Knicks (and their trash-talking bloggers).  Personally, I'm with Jake in thinking this isn't that big of a deal.  We were clearly gassed, much like the Pistons, a much better team than us, were last Sunday.  I knew we were going to lose at the very beginning of the game.  Quentin Richardson gets a steal, and starts stride for stride with Caron Butler.  Richardson accelerates, and Butler starts jogging instead of going after him.  He was simply exhausted from his work the other night, and you know what?  That's okay.  It's a long season, it happens.

I guess the only real thing we can take away from tonight is that Antonio Daniels matters more than anyone wants to believe.  Roger Mason once again had good box score numbers in his place, but the offense was very inefficient without AD out there.  We're blessed to have perhaps the league's premier backup point guard playing behind our injured superstar.  

There'll be more tomorrow, including a look at AD's impact and yet another round of answering the increasingly vigilant "this team is better without Arenas" voices, helped by an unlikely source.  For now, though, time to sleep off this flu.