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Wow (again).


[editor's note, by Pradamaster] Sorry to delete the comments on the previous thread, but this picture kicks way more ass than the other one, so this'll be the celebration thread. -mp

[Weekend editor's note, by JakeTheSnake] The last picture was good, but this one kicks even more than the first, in my opinion. As exciting as this win was, the recap will have to wait a little while because my thoughts are way too sporadic and excited right now to post anything coherent and I've got class early tomorrow and I don't get out until about 2 p.m. so it will be a little while, but until then keep the celebratory comments coming.

To tide you over until then, here's some quick reaction to tonight's game:
Wizards Insider
Les Bullez
Green Bandwagon, with an excellent point about Dave Hopla's impact on the Wizards.
A slight overreaction here.
A slight overreaction, though somewhat accurate.
Antawn Jamison does a hula.
Give it up for the Lock Smith. gives the Nick Young dunk contest movement some love.