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Etan Thomas Update

HoopsWorld managed to catch up with Etan Thomas, who is beginning to work his way back into playing shape from open heart surgery.  So far, so good:

Etan Thomas, big man for the Washington Wizards, slides up the lane to the elbow, then makes a diagonal cut to the basket. He catches an entry pass and shoots a baby hook. He repeats the same drill and makes a jump hook. Nothing spectacular - basic stuff around the hoop.

However, it's the next move that interests me the most. He makes the cut, catches the pass, puts the ball on the floor with one dribble, then spins back to the middle. Here comes the moment of truth; if he takes an easy lay-up or shows a finesse move, then the concerns are raised.

What I'm looking for is aggressiveness, extension and power - the kind of move any NBA center needs around the basket - the kind of move Etan Thomas would make before his heart surgery back in October.

So, not knowing exactly what to expect, I watch Etan wheel, elevate and BAM! He hammers a hard, two-handed dunk rattling the rim. On the next series of drills, Thomas continues to finish high and hard at the basket with a series of one- and two-handed dunks.

The first test has been passed.

Make sure to read the whole article, it's got a lot of great info on his rehab.  I'm not sure if words can truly capture how great it is to see that Etan's surgery hasn't slowed him down.  Even if he can't get back in time to play this season, his recovery to this point is nothing short of spectacular.

Be afraid Andres, be verrry afraid.