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A Real Glass-kicking

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Highest Plus/Minus: Darius Songaila (+7)
Lowest Plus/Minus: Brendan Haywood (0)


There are about a million different understatements I could use to describe how big that win was but I think I'll stick with wow.  Of course, it's not a win that's really going to matter in the long run, the Wizards aren't going to be catching up to the Celtics in the standing anytime soon but a win like this is encouraging on so many levels.  How did the Wiz do it?  Consider the following...

Desire: If rebounding is all about desire, then Washington had waaaaay more desire than the Celtics did tonight.  When you have 19 rebound advantage, you can overcome things like shooting 37% from the field, 11% from beyond the arc, and committing 20 turnovers.  No one exhibited this better than Jamison tonight.  On a night when he couldn't get anything going with his shot, he dominated the glass.  Antawn singlehandedly outrebounded Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis, Brian Scalabrine, James Posey, Kevin McHale, and Bill Russell tonight.  Wrap your mind around that one.

The crowd: Tonight was encouraging.  The crowd started out sluggish but I think Caron's dunk served as a wake up call and from that point the roar kept growing throughout the game and by the end they were rockin'.   Just check out the heckler near the end of this video, when's the last time you saw that at the Phone Booth?

Rondo didn't miss the game because of his back, he missed it because he was having contractions: We feel for you Rajon, we really do.

Teams from New England seemed to struggle in the Verizon Center today: As great as Antonio Daniels' three was, I think the shot of the day belonged to Roy Hibbert who downed UConn with this:

The Celtics have to call a cab: Why?  The Locksmith has all the keys!  DeShawn has had better shooting nights, but this is the best basketball that DeShawn has played in his career, in my less than respectable opinion.  After taking over in the second half of the Atlanta game, he did it again all night tonight.  Ray Allen was a non-factor all night (8 points on 3-13 shooting) and the final sequence where he grabbed the rebound on the last possession, raced down for the dunk and then stole the inbound pass was epic.

He also did something that will probably cost the Wizards on Monday:

Stevenson capped the win by throwing down a two-handed dunk with 3.2 seconds remaining. He then yelled something in the direction of the Boston bench before tossing the basketball into the stands.  

"What did I say?" said a grinning Stevenson, before referencing Boston's super-intense Garnett. "I said something KG would say, put it that way. And it wasn't edited."

Frankly, I could care less.  Even if you take the extreme viewpoing and say that whatever he said will play a major role in how the Celtics play Monday, he still was a big part in why the worst the Wiz can do is split a home-and-home that most people thought would be an easy sweep for Boston.

Come to think of it, I think we should all follow DeShawn's example.  The rematch isn't until tomorrow night, which gives all us ample time to talk plenty of smack before the rematch.  Not many fans are going to have to this opportunity this season, so make the most of it Wizards fans!