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Why Nick Young will be in the SDC this year (I hope)

It's been a while since we've talked about the campaign to get Nick Young in the Slam Dunk Contest, so let's take a quick look at his chances.  

Recently, Jamario Moon revealed that he had received an invite to this year's contest so that eliminates one of the four available spots.  If recent history holds up, Gerald Green should get an automatic invite as well since he is the defending champ, which leaves us with two open spots.  The big names that have been mentioned for those last spots are Dwight Howard (who understandably wants a re-do), Rudy Gay, Sean Williams, and The City.  I'd guess that Rudy Gay gets one of the final two spots since the rookies (Young and Williams) will have more chances down the road.  That leaves three worthy candidates and one open spot.  I don't think Howard will get the spot because if the NBA wouldn't let him raise the rim, I can't see them letting him get around the rule that you can only be in the SDC if you're in your first three years in the NBA, which I'm pretty sure is still in place.  Out of Williams and Young, my guess is that Young will get the bid because New Jersey has had the most recent participant from the two teams (Richard Jefferson), not to mention a former champion (Vince Carter).

Of course, this is all just speculation out of my head so take it for what it's worth, but you can't argue with this recently discovered photo of Nick Young from his high school days in California:

UPDATE: The Basketball Jones is behind the movement, although I think they'd prefer to see Moooooooooooooon win it all.