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Gilbert's relational skills are phenomenal

Shaun Suisham's swag is also phenomenal.  Although I'm pretty sure we'll see Gilbert hit a 39 yard field goal before we see Suisham sink a 3 in Deron Williams' face.

Just to give you an idea of how weird my week has been, I've now posted 3 entries between here and Gilbertology before noticing the Gilbert had a new blog out.  Gilbertology did a far better job of covering it than I could so I'm just going to cut through the details and get right to the heart of the matter in this blog.

In his latest entry, he explains what really happened with "losing his passport" and not being able to attend an EA Sports event in Canada:

It started out real simple. My girlfriend had to drive me to practice in the morning to go work out and I was looking in the car and I guess my daughter dragged sticks and rocks from outside and there was yogurt and stuff all on the floor in the backseat. So I'm thinking to myself, "Man, this car is filthy!" But instead of thinking it to myself, it slipped out and I said it out loud.

So now the cat was out of the bag and I was like, "Are you ever going to clean the car?" And just like a woman with kids is going to do, she hit me with, "I take care of the kids all day, and I don't have time to do this, and do that, and do this and do that." So I'm like, "OK, but this is my dad's car and my dad keeps his car clean..."

It was about her registering her car, because she didn't register her car. It's been sitting in the garage for two months with no tags. So I'm like, "If you register your car, then I can get my dad's car back and my dad's car would be spotless and there would be no problem because you could have a party in your car if you want to. If you want to have a party, you and the kids, and y'all want to have a party and throw drinks around, hey, be my guest. That's your car, you have to live with that mess, I don't go in there."

And then she got so frustrated with that, because she came back with, "I take care of the kids and if you want the car cleaned, you have to clean it." So we was on 16th and Constitution and she kicked me out of the car and I had to walk all the way to the gym. It was probably a mile, but I had on smaller shoes. You know, I wear 13s, but I had on 12s because they matched the outfit I was wearing so my feet were hurting and I didn't have any cab money to take a cab and that all played a part.

So I went on a strike.

I think all men should do this when they have a disagreement. This is Relationship 101. When you have a fight with "the other," don't answer their calls and don't answer their pages. That usually gets the point across that you're not talking to them. So, I held out for seven days. I went on strike for seven days and stayed at the gym for seven days. I slept in the gym. They got nice couches in there and it just kept me in the gym working on my knee and stuff.

So, back to the EA event, I didn't have a passport or driver's license to actually go to Canada because I was on strike and I didn't want to go back to the house because she kicked me out. She kicked me out of the car on a Sunday, I had to wait till the following Sunday to talk to her again. Now we're good. She just got her car registered two days ago, we're waiting on that to be finalized but my dad's car still looks like trash day.

You know, it's "the life." Everybody thinks we have easy lives, but hey, if you don't want to argue and you don't want to fight, take the high road and sleep in a gym.

I know Gilbert is already committed to making a cartoon and hosting a video game show, but I definitely think that this could work on some level.