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Option #1039573 for the 15th roster spot

Could the Wizards add another blogger to their roster next year?

No, neither of us are trying out. Agent Bog isn't getting signed (although it might make some sense, he follows them around everywhere anyways), The White President and Asian Zero aren't getting an invite (they're a package deal, and there's only one spot available), and Mister Irrelevant isn't going to get a shot (not with that knee). So who are we talking about?

Jackie Christie.

Whoops! I meant Doug Christie (I wonder how I got that confused) who is blogging as he tries to make a return to the NBA this season. The last 2 years Christie has only played 14 games, getting glancing looks from the Mavericks and Clippers but he's still as committed as ever to playing on a team this season as he states on his blog:

I for one eat very healthy, and I put four to six hours a day in every day working on my game and staying in shape. I work with trainers that understand the athlete's body and how to correctly care for our muscles and tendons, etc... I also credit my wife Jackie, who is a avid reader, for finding some great books about being healthy in mind, body and spirit as well -- all of which makes my complete game whole. There are some great athletes out there that also follow strict diets and health regimens and those are the elite ones we hear about and see often the true athlete will always make sure to have the complete package.

"When will she stop giving me all those books?"

Obviously if Christie was to be brought on board, it would be for his defense, that's always been his calling card and that wouldn't change here. So I ask you this, if you fall on Mason's side of the Great Debate, would you still take him if it came down to him (outside shooting and not much else) or Christie (defense and not much else)? I doubt that Christie would sign with the Wizards and I'm not sure that he'd even be a good fit but I wanted to throw the idea out there.