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Bullets Forever Pick 'Em

I think we can all agree on 2 things:

  1. We're all ready for some football!
  2. Everyone misses the game threads and the picks that went with it.
So, in order to feed your appetite for both, I give you the Bullets Forever Pick 'em Pool! It's pretty simple, just pick the teams that you think will win (we'll save the spreads for the NBA season). Every week I'll put up an open thread in the diaries with my picks so as the day moves on you can make fun of how bad I am at predicting stuff. The group has been set up on Yahoo!, here's the ID and password:
League ID: 70032

Password: swag

I'm still working on some sort of a prize (it'll be lame, I assure you) until then, go ahead and join and get picking!

Note: One more thing I forgot to mention, as you'll probably notice you can't make picks this week because the first game already happened. But don't feat! I've set it so that it drops your lowest score (as in, the 0/16 we're all getting for week 1) so we're all still on an even playing field for next week. Besides, the first week is a crapshoot anyway, why make picks?