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Youtubesman Report: We all need a safe place

(Note: If you want a heavily-biased, completely random look at last night's Colts-Saints game, head over here. -Jake)

I'm not exactly sure how old this video is, I know it can't be very recent because BTH is still wearing 00, which he had to give up when Gilbert arrived on the scene. Regardless of how old it is, I think it's pretty safe to say that he still needs that "safe place."

Antawn Jamison was the most recent player covered in the BF Top 20.  Here's a video of maybe his greatest night from back in 2001 where he dueled with Kobe Bryant as they both went for 51 points in an overtime thriller the Warriors eventually won 125-122, as called by the legendary Chick Hearn.  The movie is almost 10 minutes long, see if you can find Larry Hughes do anything right the whole time (I couldn't).:

Finally, to get you ready for the next player on the list, here's C-Webb showing off his passing skills.  The kind of stuff that could get you 11-12 assists a night and 4 dimes!

That's about it, if you have daughters make sure to keep them away from Darko Milicic.