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Youtubesman Report: Kwame Phair

Wow, it's been a while since I've done a YT report so let's get up to date on all the action in the world of moving pictures.  To start things off, here's a highlight reel of the top 10 plays from the strike-shortened '98-'99 season which features You The Man legend Tim Legler and BF #19 Rod Strickland:

Did you know that Kwame Brown likes Liz Phair?  Neither did I...

As was mentioned back on Friday, Eddie Jordan talked about the Brendan Haywood situation and how Haywood didn't get a chance to frigth back.  While we still don't have anything from Haywood, Jumoke Davis, who does a lot of the video features for the Wizards, got an interview with Jordan:

Here's what I gathered from that interview:

  1. The Wizards have better "body composition." Yay?
  2. I think EJ brought up a good point that now that the Wizards have more continuity they can focus more on D.  It's yet to be seen if that will have any effect on the game, but it's reason for hope.
  3. Jordan pretty much put the kibosh on putting O-Pec at center, which is understandable, but if he still puts Jamison in at center I'll scream.
  4. Note how the guy at 4:40 pushes Gilbert with padding, I think that's probably a normal training procedure but I still find it funny for some reason.
  5. Eddie is eating more ice cream.  Yay?
  6. I was a little shocked when Eddie said that they could matchup well with Garnett, but then I remembered that Blatche did pretty well against him last year.  He certainly didn't shut him down, but he kept him from having a KG-ish night.  Maybe this is a sign that we'll see more AB this season?