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The Great Debate: Mason vs. Booth

Who will be the last 1? Furthermore, why are they stealing Nick Mature Young's jersey?

As the season grows closer every day, it appears more and more evident that there won't be any more roster shakeups before the end of the season. If that indeed does hold true and Ernie Grunfeld doesn't make a move out of left field that no one sees coming, then it looks like the final roster spot will be a battle between Roger Mason and Calvin Booth. As the fight ensues, let's take a look at the options and the pros and cons with each decision.

Option #1: Roger Mason

Pros: As Nick Young and Donnell Taylor continue to grow, Roger Mason would give the Wizards a reliable outside threat that the team might not otherwise have. Mason also provides newswriters with easy (or easily confusable) headlines if he has a good night playing at the Patriot Center against the Mavericks this preseason.

Cons: Other than providing outside shooting, Mason doesn't really bring much else to the table and technically Calvin Booth has a higher 3 point percentage (50% based on hitting one of his two attempted treys).

Option #2: Calvin Booth

Pro: More of this

Pros: Aside from his aforementioned outside shooting, Booth can also mix up inside and gives the Wizards an option once Haywood and Thomas inevitably injure each other.

Cons: At 31, Booth is on the downswing of his career so chances of a breakout year or even a mini-resurgence aren't all that great.

Option #3: Do nothing

Pros: By not signing anyone, Grunfeld would leave a roster spot open if a better player becomes available in free agency.

Cons: What happens if Brendan and Etan get in a fight before a game and neither can play? Who will stretch the defense if Arenas and Jamison have bad shooting nights?

Who do you think we should go with? Should we play wait and see? Is Ruffin still an option? (No!) Feel free to leave your 2 cents in the comments.