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Open NFL Thread: Week 4

For all we know, this could be Donnell Taylor.  They both wear the same number and play in Washington...

While you're busy getting your fantasy lineups juuust right for this weekend, here's some links:

  • Color the Wizznutzz unimpressed about Jason Campbell:
    And why is everyone so high on Jason Campbell already??? Why r u so blind so loyal?? Did Dan Snyder lure Leni Reifenstahl out of retirement??
    People all say how much poise he has for "standing up in the pocket" .. Its like Chris Rock says : " You SUPPOSED to stand up in the pocket you low expectation-having motherf***er! !!!!

  • Last week you probably saw Joseph Addai flip out against Houston, Stampede Blue managed to find some other stuff Addai has flown over.
  • Speaking of the Colts, maybe they're not completely innocent in this whole PatriotGate thing.
  • Hey, how's Kevin Everett doing?
  • It looks like Gilbert Arenas and Jets coach Eric Mangini share a hobby.

After the jump, my (terrible) picks for the weekend.

The last two days have been a whirlwind, so rather than waste time telling you why I'm picking who I'm picking, I'll spend the extra time to get some other stuff ready for today and tomorrow.

Texans over Falcons

Vikings over Packers

Raiders over Dolphins

Bears over Lions

Cowboys over Lions

Ravens over Browns

Bills over Jets

Panthers over Buccaneers

49ers over Seahawks

Chargers over Chiefs

Colts over Broncos

Steelers over Cardinals

Eagles over Giants

Patriots over Bengals