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Quality Shots

In case you weren't clear about what defines a "quality shot..."

  • Tom Ziller's Ballhype NBA preview spectacular moved to the Southeast, and it's obviously a great read, but he predicted the Wizards will only win 42 games.  If the Wizards only go 42-40 this year, it will be a major disappointment.  Here's how he justified it.
    I think if playing four guards and one stiff center was a viable strategy, someone would have mastered it by now. Until the Wizards have a legitimate option inside 10 feet, they'll be too susceptible to those nights when the jumpers don't fall.

    Obviously, there's more, but I don't think we should play the disrespect card.  I definitely don't agree with it, but TZ knows his stuff.  

    The Orlando pick, on the other hand...

  • Our man IC is back, and is polling readers for pertinent questions to ask during training camp.  So imagine if the Wizards gave you a press pass.  What questions would you ask to whom?  List 'em in the comments.
  • Gilbert talks more about his new shoes, and gives us a glimpse of his motivations. Kanye "battled" 50 Cent, whose shoe do you want to battle?

    Gilbert Arenas: I called it out. I want to see who takes the challenge. If it's D Wade, LeBron or Carmelo. Or Kobe, hey. I have no problem challenging you guys.

  • Don't you hate those players on other teams that just get geared up for us?
  • A fascinating look at the differences in different newspaper reporter blogs, from We Rite Goode.
  • The Wizards' TV schedule was released yesterday, and it includes seven ESPN games and two TNT ones.  Strangely enough, two of those ESPN games are against Denver.  I guess I missed the rivalry those two teams developed.
  • Actually, I nearly forgot about the biggest news of the day...the view of the new high definition jumbotron at the Verizon Center.  Interesting that Abe Pollin gets such a reputation as a cheap owner, and yet he's still paying for a substantial upgrade here.  Is this really necessary?  I mean, it looks cool, but I'd rather see that money get pumped into the team.
  • As we come up on training camp, a quick reminder of the Ten Commandments of the preseason.
  • The Celtics signed Esteban Batista from the Hawks yesterday, which ordinarily wouldn't give me pause, but still does for some reason.  As much as I love Roger Mason the person, why couldn't we sign a guy who was a terror on the glass in FIBA play?  Another big man is easily more important than another guard.  Oh well.