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ADAW - Pictrospective

Much like dearly departed Calvin Booth, Antonio Daniels has a history that can only be expressed in picture form. So let's save the words and let camera do the talking (with captions of course).

Contrary to popular belief, Varejao isn't flopping here. He's just blown away by AD's amazing assist-to-turnover ratio.

AD kicked off his career in Vancouver where due to financial limitations, Daniels and the rest of the Grizzlies had to play home game in front of a crowd of red because fans were too expensive.

Daniels was traded to San Antonio after his rookie year where he won a championship with the Spurs and initiated a young German player into the league. Robert Traylor didn't receive the same initiation, and not shockingly, ended up nowhere as good as Nowitzki.

When his time in San Antonio was done, Antonio went to Portland where he gained many fans and one stalker in Jamal Crawford.

After a one year stay in Portland, Daniels went to Seattle where Crawford continued to stalk him.

Daniels was cool about it though, he even tried to egg Crawford on from time to time.

During the brief periods of time when he wasn't being stalked, Daniels carried on with his hobbies like posterizing people.

At the end of his second year in Seattle, Daniels became a free agent and signed with Washington, where he immediately started doing funny poses like this one.

AD also found the time to learn how to bend his eyebrows at a 45 degree angle.

You can't tell it here, but AD is yelling "Boo!" Naturally Finley airballed the shot.

In his time in D.C., Daniels has been a great contributor to the team's success, and if you think for one second that because Jamal Crawford isn't in the picture that he isn't stalking him than you'd be wrong for that one second and any other second you held that thought.