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ADAW - Videos

This is normally Jake's domain, but I'm commandeering it from him for ADAW.

For a journeyman, Antonio Daniels has his fair share of highlight moments.  He's played on some terrible teams, some very good ones, and even some champions.

Dunking has always been an AD strength, dating back even to his earliest days.

Just ask the Clippers' Keith Closs.

Andrei Kirilenko may want out of Utah, but surely he doesn't want to come to Washington after this dunk.

One of the best things about rooting for AD is that he always gets up, no matter how vicious his fall.  You try getting up from this hit.

Even when AD falls, he finds a way to do it in spectacular fashion.

Of course, lest us remember, even though AD plays here, he is always "West Coast."

Finally, in case you want a whole list of highlights from AD's career here, our man Patrys15 has you covered.