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Open NFL Thread: Week 3

It's Antonio Daniels Appreciation Weekend, so here's Antonio Pierce and Phillip Daniels, which works out great because the Redskins play the Giants this weekend.  After the jump I'll have my picks for this week and since it's ADAW, that means there will be 6 gridiron links to get things going.

Here's my picks for this week:

Ravens over Cardinals
Ed Reed and company should be able to keep the Cardinals offense in check.  I think Boldin could have a surprisingly good day against this vaunted defense, but it won't be enough.

Chargers over Packers
I'm still not sold that the Packers are the real deal yet, and I'm not sold that the Chargers are doomed either.

Colts over Texans
Who'd you expect me to take?

Vikings over Chiefs
The most interesting aspect of this game is going to be seeing if the Vikings wear their ugly purple pants this weekend.  Purple pants + Outdoor venue = Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Patriots over Bills
Do I need to explain this pick?

Jets over Dolphins
I think this will be a close game, but I doubt it will come to this.

Eagles over Lions
If McNabb (who I'm starting this week for my fantasy team) is outperformed by Kitna (who I have on the bench), I might not post for a while.  Well, not really, but I'll be tiffed.  Majorly tiffed.

Steelers over 49ers
I really don't see anyway the 49ers can win this game, they're not good enough to play with Pittsburgh (yet) but they're not big enough underdogs to come up with a spirited effort to pull off the W.

Rams over Buccaneers
Paging Steven Jackson...paging Steven Jackson...

Broncos over Jaguars
...But Jack Del Rio will look smashing in that suit!

Raiders over Browns
The Raiders are 0-2 but if a few plays go the other way Oakland could very well be 2-0.  The Browns are 1-1 and were about 80 plays (including this one) from being 2-0.  I'll take the Raiders.

Seahawks over Bengals
If Chad Johnson scores a touchdown, will he start singing this?

Panthers over Falcons
There's a better chance that we'll see OJ at QB than of Atlanta winning this week.

Bears over Cowboys
Rex Grossman has a QB rating of over 100 this week.

Saints over Titans
The Saints on Monday Night Football on Week 3 at the Superdome, sound familiar?