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Buying time

It's been an insanely busy day for me, so I apologize for not having the links ready.  There's a ton of stuff out there as well, so I'll try to round them up later tonight.

In the meantime, discuss any or all of these topics in this comments section before I get back.

  1. What would be a fair trade idea that could bring AK-47 to DC?  Remember the trade machine.
  2. If we conceivably could bring AK-47 to DC, is it even worth it?  Consider the cap as well as the style of play.
  3. Can we take anything away from Darius Songaila's play at the EuroBasket?
  4. Caron lost another 7 pounds, according to Michael Lee of the Post.  Good thing, or bad thing?
  5. DeShawn lost 15 pounds (see above link).  Is there any way this could not be a good thing?
  6. Besides BF, where do you get your NBA fix?  What are your favorite non-Wizards blogs, both general NBA and team-specific?  How much do you read blogs as compared to "mainstream media" outlets?
  7. How the hell could I have anything to say about Victor Alexander. Actually, there's an answer to that...I don't.