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News Alligators

(Another case of let's use this now, since we all know it won't end up being the title.)

  • Might as well start off talking about link voting. Quality shots is still in the lead with 10 votes, but after that it gets interesting. Hollow Points has tied No Your Links with 6 votes for that all important second spot. Abbots and Links from God are lagging behind with a pair of votes each and News Alligators, Making the rounds, Hitting the links, and other are all without vote. Remember, voting ends at midnight (I think) so if you haven't voted already, make sure to get your vote in. If you've already voted, trade some shoes to get a box of ballots so you can vote some more.
  • Speaking of the BF community, in the Bullets Forever Pick 'Em contest, The White President and CaptainChaos share the lead after they both correctly picked 10 of 15 games this week. The Face Mob could make it a three way tie if Philly beats Washington tonight. If people could kind of tell me who's who in this contest, that would also be cool.
  • Eurobasket update: Russia upset Spain to win the championship thanks to great play from Andrei Kirilenko and a not so great game from J.C. Navarro (0 points and 1 assist in 17 minutes). Lithuania beat Greece to win the bronze. Darius Songaila didn't perform much better than Navarro only putting up 2 points and 4 rebounds while picking up a technical foul.
  • I was watching SportsCenter this morning and while they were talking about Phoenix beating Detroit to win the WNBA finals, they mentioned the last NBA team to win Game 7 of the NBA Finals on the road was: The 1978 Washington Bullets.
  • TSN has their season preview up for the Wizards. (HT: D.C. Pro Sports Report)
  • It's just not a true pep rally if Ben Wallace isn't there.
  • Girls, girls, girls! (It's nothing bad, I promise)
  • Dwyane Wade is great at splitting double-teams, how is he going to do after splitting with his wife? Maybe Charlie Bell will make him feel better.