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Open NFL Thread: Week 2

From Calvin to Calvin.

Some fun links to get you ready for football this week:

After the jump, my incorrect picks for this week.

Panthers over Texans

Matt Schaub knows what the Panthers are like thanks to his experience in Atlanta, unfortunately that experience isn't going to give him any better shot at winning this week.

Colts over Titans

The Titans always play the Colts close, but they simply don't have the talent to win this one.

Saints over Buccaneers

Like last year, the Saints open the season with 2 games on the road, and much like last year, they'll be 2-0 heading back to the Superdome.

Rams over 49ers

The Rams have struggled against San Fran in recent years, but St. Louis is going to have a big chip on their shoulder this week after struggling mightily against Carolina.

Bills over Steelers

I was lacking an upset pick this week and I like the Bills chances after what happened last week with Kevin Everett and losing at the last second to the Broncos. Not to mention, the Steelers could get lulled to sleep after a cakewalk in Cleveland last week.

Giants over Packers

This pick largely hinges on whether or not Eli Manning plays this week, at he's listed as "Questionable" also for some reason he's listed as "Elisha Manning."

Jaguars over Falcons

Hey look! It's the battle between Byron Leftwich's old team and soon-to-be current team. By soon-to-be I mean right after Harrington throws his 3rd interception.

Bengals over Browns

You may have heard that the Romeo Crennel had a coin toss before a game during the preseason to determine who would start at QB for that game. This week, the Browns' owner might flip a coin to see whether or not he fires Crennel right on the spot.

Seahawks over Cardinals

The Cardinals will lose to Seattle, but the Seahawks will also be who they thought they were!

Lions over Vikings

The Lions put up 36 on a good Raiders defense last week, they should be able to score enough to beat the Vikings this week.

Cowboys over Dolphins

Let's just hope Tony Romo has a repeat performance this week, for my fantasy team's sake.

Bears over Chiefs

It took me longer to pick which shampoo I wanted to use this morning (I have one bottle) than to pick who I thought would win this game.

Ravens over Jets

Steve McNair and "James" (between this and "Elisha Manning" I'm thinking a New Yorker hacked the injury page)Pennington are both questionable for this week's matchup. Baltimore can manage much better with their backup than the Jets can with their backup...or their starter for that matter. Of course, this all goes out the window if Boller tries to force things.

Broncos over Raiders

If Oakland won this week, I wouldn't be shocked. But I would be shocked if I actually picked them to win.

Chargers over Patriots

This will be a game where the Chargers dominate and everyone will ask if the Patriots are falling apart after Cameragate, and then the Patriots will come back next week and obliterate Buffalo.

Redskins over Eagles

After last week, I lost a lot of confidence in Philly. If they come back and win this week, I wouldn't be surprised in the least but until they do that, I'll take the Redskins to be the spoiler this week.