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[Insert clever link title here]

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We're taking submissions for an appropriate title for this segment.  Unfortunately, "Bullets" is already patented.

Not much out there today, as there often is during September.  As always, drop a relevant link in the comments if you see it.

  • The must-read link of the day is Tim Warren's extensive profile of Darius Songaila in today's Post.  He delves deeply into the injury issue, which looks to not be a problem thus far, but also analyzes Songaila's offensive ability.
    Songaila is scoring here mostly on isolation plays in the low post, where he often beats defenders with excellent footwork, or on off-the-ball movement when Jasikevicius is at the point.

    Well, that just about covers everything, now does it?  Still, it's exciting to see Songaila beating players in the post down low, which is something this team has lacked offensively.  There's nothing about his defense, but it looks like he'll be much better this year.

  • Man, I miss working on this show.
  • Gilbert Arenas 1, Richard Jefferson 0. [Via Gilbertology]
  • In an attempt to fill the void left by the Kurt Thomas trade, the Suns worked out several big men, including Michael Ruffin.  Ha!
  • Some Spanish article quotes the general manager for FC Barcelona criticizing Juan Carlos Navarro for accepting the one-year contract with Memphis.  Translation needed.
  • More stat talk: Ziller lays the smackdown on anyone who questions the importance of PER.  Well, not really, but he reminds us that, in most cases, a players' PER actually increases when they get more minutes.  Please read.

If you're Jewish like me, have a happy new year.  I'll be back later for an actual post.  Promise.