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Calvin Booth: A career pictrospective

Not Calvin's first victim, and certainly not his last.

Obviously news of Calvin Booth's departure caught all of us more off guard than Rafer Alston trying to defend C-Booth on the perimeter and since I'm not exactly a wordsmith, I figured pictures (which are still worth 1000 words I believe) would be the best way to talk about Calvin now that he's gone.

Here's Calvin in college, don't let that innocent look fool you.  He ripped out every heart in the Big Ten during his 4 years there and mentally imposed his dominating will on Michigan's football team the last two weeks after hearing someone crack a joke about him during the summer.

In his stint with Dallas, Calvin became the only player liked enough by Don Nelson to be one of his drinking partners.  He also became the first player to get a "Cal" tattoo despite never attending the university.

In his spare time, Booth occasionally suited up for team U.S.A. where he showed Jason Kidd the tricks of the trade.

Then finally, Calvin found his way to Washington where his seductive powers were too much for our fair city (and Trevor Ariza whom is being undressed by Calvin in this picture) and he became in many ways like a father for us all (both in guidance and actual paternity).

Farewell Calvin, I can assure that your departure has felt much like what was offered by another Calvin at this booth: