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Because this should really be a daily feature.

  • A day later, the Wizosphere mourns the departure of Calvin Booth.  Steinz lists seven reasons he'll miss the guy, and Mottram, like a kid in a candy store, remembers his encounter with the third-string center.
  • Unsilent Majority's response?  "Phily just got 7% uglier. [Via Ziller at Fanhouse)
  • As far as Booth's on-court contributions, DCPSR says the Wiz might actually miss the guy.
    I'm glad Calvin got the money he deserves, but I'm sorry he won't be in Washington. Don't get me wrong -- Calvin is not a great player. However, he's the sort of player -- and character -- that teams need. He can rebound and play defense and if left open will hit a 14-foot jumper. He might go a week without playing, but when the coach does call on him, you know he'll be ready. With Brendan Haywood on thin ice and both he and Etan Thomas always only one stray elbow away from a team suspension, Booth's presence on the roster was a comfort.

    We'll talk more about this in a future post, but it'll be interesting to see how much not having a third center will matter.  

  • We're Off to See the Wizards, on this highlight.
    Some say this highlight is doctored. Some say it is made with CGI or Claymation. I myself do not believe it. I have more faith in photos of UFO's, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster (not the truck commercial). I even think there is a better chance that the Vigin Mary is visible in the mold growing in my shower.
  • Oh yeah, the Skins won this weekend.
  • I'm very late to this, but SI's Paul Forrester gave the Wizards a B- for their offseason.  There's nothing really essential there, but his explanation for why trading JCN was a negative is kind of interesting.
    While having a future first-rounder from a struggling team in your back pocket is nice, having Navarro's shooting and playmaking skills right now on a team for which offense is defense may have yielded bigger benefits.

    Can't say I agree with him there...wouldn't it be better to improve a weakness than a strength?  

  • Speaking of offseasons, HoopsHype's Jerald Hoover issues a scathing criticism of Miami's offseason. [Via Miami Hoops Blog].
  • Hey look, a trade!
  • Hey look, an injury!
  • Follow-ups to yesterday's PER discussion can be found here, here, and here.  The original post that started this charade can be found here.  I fall more along the view of WRG and HSCS, and Free Darko's argument seems mostly speculative with a lack of empirical proof, but I do think Shoals/Silverbird and Carter Blanchard raise good questions.

A post on Calvin's departure is forthcoming.  If you see any other relevant links out there about anything, drop them in the comments section.