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Rainy Day Discussion

It's August, so there's not much going on in NBA circles.  The Navarro watch has reached six days (or a month and four days, depending on where you start), and there's still no end in sight.  About the only piece of news (as mentioned in this diary) is that Aaron Miles has signed to play overseas, so he won't be coming to training camp.  That's too bad, because I definitely think Miles has a future in the NBA, but considering our luxury tax situation, we weren't going to offer him a guaranteed contract.  That Spanish club did, so he went there as he should have.  He'll probably develop more playing solid minutes for them instead of languishing as the third point guard for us.  

I'm going to try to get the last three player evaluations up by this weekend.  I started Butler's about a week ago and haven't picked up on it.  Hopefully, that'll be up later tonight.

In the meantime, here's today's discussion-starter, which was prompted from this Blazers Edge post.

Who were your favorite random bench guys over the years, and why did you like them?  What are some of the memories you have of them?

I guess I'll start with my two favorites -- Jahidi White and Tyrone Nesby.  Jahidi just cracked me up, especially after he would score a basket and the jumbotron would begin the "JAHADI HIDI HIDI HO" chant.  He just looked goofy whenever he played.  I also loved Nesby because he was such a scrappy player.  He wasn't afraid to throw his body around, and even though he had a combustible temper, I loved how he always played with heart.  Those were definitely my two favorites.

Who are yours?