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Leave the Duck alone!

The next time you think about busting out Kevin Duckworth joke, maybe you should just keep your mouth shut.  People at Eastern Illinois University (Kevin's alma-mater) want to stop the ridicule of their most famous player:

This goes too far. Only people who went to Eastern Illinois University can make fun of someone from Eastern Illinois University.

So the EIU Hall of Fame wants loyal alums to help wage an email-and-chat-room war to defend Kevin Duckworth . Go into chat rooms and stick up for Duck! Tell them about Duckworth's two all-star appearances and his Most Improved Player Award. Email them about his career highs in points (32, three times!) and rebounds (18).

They then go on to list some of the most egregious Duckworth haters and an example of what happened to one site as a result of their excessive duck hate.  Sadly, I'm pretty sure the movement has lost some steam (considering it's hosted on a tripod site, meaning it hasn't been used in probably 2-3 years) but the movement still lives on in their hearts and minds...or something like that.

So a word of caution to anyone who's contributing to the Bullets Forever Top 20 (or anyone who's thinking about it, you know you want to) feel free to make jokes, just please whatever you do, refrain from making fun of Kevin Duckworth.