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You spin me right 'round, baby right 'round

Considering the emphasis of speed in our modern media world, it's a wonder to me that these types of things don't happen more often.

There's a report out a local station in Syracuse that Andray Blatche wasn't actually charged with sexual solicitation.  The basis?  Well, Blatche said so when he returned home.  And if Blatche says so, then it must be true, right?    

Umm...not really.  For starters, that's not what the police report says.  Additionally...well, there doesn't need to be an additionaly.  The police report is the bottom line.  Via Wizards Insider:

Defendant 1 (identified by police as Blatche) : "Hey, what's up with you?"
Undercover cop: "You tell me."
AB: I'm trying to see what you're doing."
UC: "Do you want (Blank) or (Blank)?"
AB: "Well, I want both."
UC: "And what about you?"
D-2 (identified as Palmer) : "I want the same."
UC: "I charge $80 but I do two at the same time."
AB: "Yeah, I'm good with it."
UC to Palmer: "And what about you?"
GP: "Yeah, $80 is good."
UC: Aight, you want to pull right?"
AB: "Naw."
UC: "I have a room right here."
AB: "Uh, ok?"

At this point, according to the document, the cop gave a pre-arranged signal to other officers and Blatche and Palmer were arrested and later charged. A hearing for Aug. 31 has been set.

Nice reporting job by News Channel 10, huh?  In an attempt to get the story before anyone else, they neglected to even consider that Blatche wasn't telling the truth.  Well done.  That's called being spun.

As for Blatche, you have to wonder what he's thinking.  It's not like being charged is a guilty sentence, so why deny everything right now?  This has to be yet another example of the kid's poor judgement.  Really, what does he have to gain here?

Now, I'm willing to accept an argument that this was entrapment.  According to the police records, it was the undercover cob that first mentioned money, which sort of fits the definition of entrapment (any actual lawyers want to fill me in here).  But we still don't know whether Blatche would have brought money up eventually during the whole proceedings, so he's still caused significant damage to the public perception.  Finally, whether it's solicitation or forgetting to show up for a driving without a license charge, Blatche was still in a bad position.  That's far more important than the charge itself.

Ugh.  Back to your regularly scheduled top 20.

Thanks to jackpitt for the heads-up.