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The Bullets Forever Top 20 is FINALIZED

[editor's note, by Pradamaster] Scroll down for new posts on Andray Blatche and Kevin Duckworth. -PM

Lost amongst the Andray Blatche arrest and Juan Carlos Navarro trade was the real Wizards news of the week -- the unveiling of the Bullets Forever Top 20!

We hatched the idea, narrowed down the candidates, and voted on the order.  Now, it's time to get going on this project.

I've decided to unveil the order here instead of just leaving it as a surprise.  The order was determined by all of the people that voted in the last thread.  First-place votes were worth 20 points, second-place 19, and so on.  When we voted on the order, there were 21 candidates for 20 spots, so one person had to go.  That person, unfortunately, was Kevin Porter, who got both the least support in the poll and the fewest points.  Sorry to say, but it looks like Kevin Porter is the 21st best Bullet/Wizard of all time.

Oh well, there will always be 1975. Oh wait.

Here's the order.

  1. Wes Unseld -- BulletsFever78 (for now)
  2. Elvin Hayes -- BulletsFever78
  3. Gilbert Arenas -- JakeTheSnake
  4. Earl Monroe -- Romans12
  5. Phil Chenier -- finkad01
  6. Walt Bellamy
  7. Jeff Malone -- hotplate
  8. Bobby Dandridge -- Yellow55
  9. Moses Malone
  10. Gus Johnson -- LoneWiz54
  11. Bernard King -- jackpitt
  12. Chris Webber -- kdp922
  13. Antawn Jamison -- facedkr
  14. Michael Jordan -- Pradamaster
  15. Juwan Howard -- LoDawg31
  16. Jeff Ruland
  17. Jack Marin
  18. Kevin Loughery
  19. Rod Strickland -- SP Yup
  20. Kevin Grevey

So now it's time to sign up to write the posts.  So far, we have six players taken -- Gilbert, Jeff Malone, MJ, C-Webb, Juwan Howard, and Rod Strickland.  That leaves 14 open spots as of right now.  We're going to do this mostly on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You can definitely sign up for multiple players, but there can't be multiple writers for the same player.  If there are two people who desperately want to write about the same player, priority will be given to the newcomer.  

As far as the writing style, that's totally up to you.  Feel free to use any combination of text, video, anecdotes, pictures, stats, or articles when writing your profile.  As far as putting it on the site, you should either write it as a diary (which I'll promote ASAP) or send it to me at  

We'll be counting down from 20 to 1, starting with Kevin Grevey and ending with Wes Unseld.  For now, use this space to sign up.  As of right now, the six players that are accounted for can probably be described as "modern" Bullets/Wizards (although Jeff Malone is in that swing category), so we're especially looking for people that lived through the 70s-era teams and can lend personal insight into their careers.  As soon as we get more writers, we'll think of a tentative schedule that hopefully takes us right into the beginning of September.

Sound good?  Remember to sign up in the comments section here.