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Random News

All the odd stuff you need to know to get your weekend off on the right foot:

  • No longer is Gilbert Arenas the D.C. superstar with a blog.  Caps star Alexander Ovechkin now has a blog of his own.  Good luck translating!
  • Here's a video of Larry Bird hitting 3 quality shots against the Bullets.  Maybe the Bullets didn't cover him tight because he's so ugly.
  • Tom Thibodeau, the defensive guru who originally was going to be an assistant coach with the Wizards, is now officially an assistant coach for the Celtics, where he will have the challenging task of getting Kevin Garnett to play defense.
  • As we all know, Gilbert Arenas is going to be on the cover of NBA Live 08, what you may not know is that Bill Simmons is going to be in the game as well.  I mean, I know the Celtics had some depth issues but this is just ridiculous.  Imagine what would happen when he got in an argument with Doc Rivers.
  • Remember Lonny Baxter?  He was on the Maryland team that ended up winning the NCAA title back in '02 and was also a Wizard at one point.  Well, he's going to prison.  I was trying to think of a joke that somehow involved "Fear the Turtle" here but nothing came to mind.
  • Speaking of illegal activities, Andray Blatche received his sentence today:
Since he is a first time offender, he will basically have to take the one-day class - also known as a "John School" - where he will learn about the laws and consequences of soliciting prostitutes and get some graphic information about the health risks (i.e. STDs). The solicitation charge will be wiped off his record when he attends the class on Nov. 3 - the day of the Wizards' home debut against Orlando.

When Andray first received the news, he was a bit confused as to why he'd be sent to a school to learn how to become a slow, clunky big man.  Then he realized that he was going to "John School" not "Peter John School".

The article also mentions that James Posey will be serving his one-game suspension against the Wizards so expect to see Simmons crack the lineup against the Wiz.